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2016 Gering High School
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2016 Programming I Andriod Apps

Check out Andriod games created by studnets in Programming I. The kids used Flash Profeessional and/or MIT App inventor to create these original apps.


Gering High School offers advanced technology classes in Programming, Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media, and Audio/Video Production.


Brock's Game | Berto | Aaron | Cody | Kade | Alex Michael | Cora | Jonathan

Students learn to use Adobe Creative Suite Software to produce professional quality work for individuals, businesses, community organizations, and the school.
Older Website showing student work


Students in Programming create applicaitons using Visual Basic, Actionscript 2.0, Actionscript 3.0, javaScript and Java.
To view their work visit our Programming page.


Students use professional equipment to produce quality audio/video productions.

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You Think, We Create

GHS Technology students are available to help community organizationas, local businesses, or individuals with their technology needs. Feel free to contact us. We are always looking for 'real-life' learning opportunities for our students!


Some recent student work worth highlighting...


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Career Academy Website (concept) by Jacob Hansen

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Programming Snake Game & more

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The Schmoist Monster by John Boyd & Brady Gross

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The Mask - Movie Trailer - By Brady Gross

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2015 Senior Slideshow by K.Snelling

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About Us

Gering High School is located in Western Nebraska in a town of approximately 8,000 people. We are not limited by our rural location. We receive comments from businesses and schools from all across the country. Publishing work on this site allows students to share their work with the world.
Gering High School offers students a one-of-a-kind high school education in the technology field. Students are encouraged to pursue a variety of different technology areas from web and graphic design to programming to audio/video production. Students learn from hands-on activities in the classroom while teaming up with local businesses and organizations. In the past we have worked with Scotts Bluff county CERT, Scotts Bluff county Habitat for Humanity, the Farm and Ranch Museum, Marky’s Meat Market, Scotts Bluff county Tourism, various elementary teachers, and many others. Each year we look for new ways to ensure our students can meet the needs of the community. We accept donations, but we complete all the work for free. The students take pride in their work and often compete with one-another - generating the high quality work.

Team Work

The learning environment in Gering High School technology classes exemplifies team work. The students are given general guidelines then encouraged to be creative in researching solutions to their problems. The assignments provide direction to the students and allow them to channel their creativity into their work. As the year progresses students teach other students and the teacher becomes a facilitator, often learning right alongside the students.

See our work!

Students publish their work on this website, classroom management software called Moodle, and YouTube. Many students also purchase their own domain and publish their work on their own websites. To see more student work click “student work” above – or visit our YouTube channel at


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