My Photoshop Creations

All of my Photoshop creations

This picture was made by Jacob Hanson. Link to his website here

This picture was created after some people in class called me a dandilandon. They procided to make this.

The idea of this picture came to me while thinking about how I have seen alot of pictures of someone holding something photoshoped.

This picture was a class assignment to make it appear that the hands are grabbing the iris. I also did some other edits, such as color edits.

This was one of our first photoshop assignments. It was challenging to learn to get the shadows right.

This is another earlier assignment. This was our first assignment where we were aloud to be creative in photoshop.

In this image I was going for the text to look like it was sent from a spot light on the ground.

One of our earlier assignments in which we learned to use shapes to make images. (my spelling was on point :D)

This asignment was our very first in photoshop. We just learned how the program works.