Programming // 2019
Student Projects

Student projects

Student produced games and apps


Boy Run

by Emmy Parker

britney hefley

Greenwood Adventure

by Britney Hefley

lance isaacs

Running Man

by Lance Isaacs

matt bohlman

Cat Boi

by Matthew Bohlman


Adventure Run

by Sebastion Trujillo



by Justin Ballinger


Megaman Runner

by Danielle Schick


Jungle Run

by Bryce Sherrell


swf is gangster

by Felipe VanWinkle

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  • What we're all about

    Mr. Brown's Programming class aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge that are essential in pursuing a career in programming. In this class we create games and apps that students can test and use within our own building.

  • Android Studio

    Android Studio is a program used to create games and applications that can be used on smartphones or tablets that run on the Android Operating System. Students have used Android studio to create multiple apps, including a schedule map of the school.

  • Adobe Animate

    Adobe Animate is a program that allows users to create animations and games, much like Android Studio, but with much more creativity and variety, as these projects can be accessed on nearly all platforms, including PC and iOS.

  • Visual Studio

    Visual Studio is a software suite that can be used to create all manner of things, from websites to games and programs. It allows users to write code using many programming languages and methods.

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