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Gears of War 2 is one of the highest selling games in history selling 2.1 million copies on launch day. This game has outsold halo 3 by nearly .4 million copies on its launch date.

Gears Of War 2 continues the saga of the best selling games of the year in ’07.  The inhabitants of Serra have been waging a war on an underground genocidal species called the Locust bend on the extinction of the human race.  Last game you follow Marcus Fenix, and his squad, code name “Delta,” as they journey first into the Locust infested territory. In GOW Marcus and his squad were sent underground on a mission to map out the hollows of Serra by activating a sonar device called a resonator.  The team now had to set off a light mass bomb in what they assumed was the Locust stronghold.  But the Locust horde survived and is back with a force that can sink complete cities at a time.

So gear up with some new weaponry, new ways to get around, and team up with familiar faces as some new members.  Get ready to move straight into the Locust hive.

Gears of War 2 is an Epic Games production developed by Cliff Bleszinski, AKA “Cliffy B” and the team at Epic studios and was published by Microsoft Game studios.  The game takes all the advantages of the Unreal Engine 3 that it possibly can as you can witness during not only the cinematics but gameplay as well.  The game was released worldwide on November 7, 2008.  Recent interviews tell that the game has already gone gold.

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