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Lost In Space

NASACD February 2, 2009— 1700/5:00 P.M. breaking news over newly sent ship Nostramos, it was detached from space station B to check out a strange beacon coming from the newly discovered Planet X. When Nostramos arrived on Planet X, they discovered it was like a mirror image of earth. It had leafy greens and oceanic puddles scattered along this untracked galactical abyss. Astronauts and scientists began their descent down to explore this planet. They left the ship at 0600 hours. We were receiving a feed for about a half an hour until we lost connection.  We haven’t heard anything since. Look at this picture below showing the outer view of Planet X.

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Finder's Keepers

NASACD February 4, 2009— 1700/5:00 P.M. breaking news concerning the newly sent ship Nostramos that was lost two days ago on Planet X, We sent in are secondary ship, Nazarith III, to explore for our lost ship. But what we came across further complicates our history. We found the Titanic crashed right into Planet X’s first moon. Scientist all over North America are puzzled over how the once sunk from an iceberg Titanic appears on our tenth planet’s moon. World famous Scientist Albert VanHousen commented “ I am vot tha least bit surprised that the Titanic vas found on anotta planet. I veen no one on U.S. soil has spotted Titanic afta so called crash. So tis only logical vat it twas on Planet X". Below is a picture via satellite of the discovery

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